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Artistic Imagery Photography & Video

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Pros at the Inn on Crescent Lake

Something you all may not know: We freelance for a national wedding company that hires DJs, Videographers and Photographers for their weddings. This company is called The Pros. This past week, we got an urgent email (last Tuesday) stating that a photographer was unable to document the wedding she'd agreed to do and the wedding was in four days. We emailed back and with some schedule finagling, were able to tell the company that we could cover that wedding.

The wedding itself was at the Inn on Crescent Lake in Excelsior Springs-- a location where we'd done a wedding just last September. Jamie and Wes had chosen us from the photographers on their website and we were glad we'd been able to accomodate.

It was a hot, hot day and the wedding and reception both were in the evening outside. The Inn is a wonderful location, though, and we got some great shots. Because of copyright issues, we can't post them online but we'll post a couple quick shots Barb got of Jered. The two bride's maids were photo-happy (!!) and were posing for and taking pictures all over the place. During the reception, they convinced Jered to take some fun shots of them in front of the Inn. This was just minutes before they all plunged (fully dressed) into the Inn Pool. A good time was had by all, that was sure!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Paige & Mack --the wedding pt 2

Paige & Mack. Their wedding was a week or so ago. I had the hardest time deciding which photos to upload and play with first! I have only really edited about 1/3 of their wedding, but I just couldn't resist jumping ahead some and posting what I've done. So without further adieu. . .

Some may recall the above picture is reminescent of a photo I took at their engagement session. This was not an accident.

This last photo I grabbed right as we were all leaving. Paige had sat herself in front of the church and was waiting for Mack with the car. They were pretty much the last ones to leave.

Brook & Jeff the engagement

Brook found us at the Mission wedding show this past February and she was our 2nd place winner for discounted engagement sessions. So this past June, we met her and her fiance, Jeff out at Mahaffee Farmstead in Olathe. Actually, there's a quaint little park across from the farmstead itself and that's where we decided to begin our shoot. As the story goes, Jeff proposed to Brook while driving down the highway. Therefore, they have decided to include the color Kelly Green (like a highway sign) in much of their wedding planning. We incorporated this desire into much of their engagement shoot. As follows. . .

That's all for now!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Website!!

Hey everybody! We're getting a new website up and running. It's not perfected yet and we haven't even bought our own domain name yet so it's still running under the creation program. But go ahead and check it out and give us some feedback. It's a lot snazzier than our old website (which will still be up in the meantime) so we're happy about that. Check it out!

Oh yeah.