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Artistic Imagery Photography & Video

Saturday, August 27, 2011


Rachel didn't really ask for any pictures, but she was along with Kayte's shoot and she was so helpful. . . showing us this really great off-trail path and being goofy enough to make Kayte laugh. Most of the really great photos from Kayte's shoot were because I said, ". . . now look at Rachel. . ." and Kayte would start cracking up. It was awesome. So we grabbed a couple photos of Rachel along the way. Here's some from that day:

Friday, August 26, 2011

Never Too Late for "Sr Photographs"

Today was proof that it's never too late for "Senior Picutres." We'll call these photos Kayte's back-to-college photographs. Kayte never had her senior pictures taken so we told her it was high time! We spent a lovely evening at Shawnee Mission Park taking some truely unique senior pictures. Kayte is a fabulous young woman who loves to have FUN! Whether it's tromping through the underbrush in two-inch wedges or playing in the lake, she was a trooper and such a pleasure to photograph!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wine time

We here at Artistic Imagery LOVE helping out small, local businesses. So when we had an opportunity to help out a couple local wineries before their big Oktoberfest shindigs and wine stomping parties geared up, we jumped at the opportunity. It was not only fun to roam the vineyards and take photographs of the grapes and wineries, it was also neat to learn about the history of these places. Kansas isn't exactly known for wine-- we've been told that while Missouri has an entire department of their DoA just for winery promotion, Kansas has no such thing. So, we headed out to Stone Pillar Winery in Olathe and Blue Jacket Crossing out in Eudora for a fun day full of history and viticulture. We can't wait until the Harvest weekends when we'll get some great video and photography of the actual harvest and crushing of the grapes!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Beyer family pictures part 2!

Something we didn't mention in our last post: When we met the Beyers out in Ottawa for a family shoot, it actually included the entire family! Here's some images we captured of each of Jason's two siblings's families plus a couple group shots!

We got all the girls for a quick, fun shot!

When we'd moved inside, Barb grabbed a couple candids of the kids around the house. Here's one just for fun: