Artistic Imagery Photography & Videography

Artistic Imagery Photography & Video

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Updated Website!!!

Spent some time online today, gearing up for wedding season with an updated website! Oh yeah! We're running a Spring Special on portraits and it's Quite the Deal! Check it out for your Easter & Mother's Day pictures :)

Brandi and her girls

Got to get to the park lately and take some really great photos of two really stellar and beautiful little girls. It's so fun to revisit families and kids and get a chance to see them grow. Last time we saw little D, she was only 3 months old. . . now she's 1! And J was so shy, we could barely get her to look in the camera while this time, she was begging us to play tag with her and be in her pictures with her :)

Time changes a lot, but it doesn't change how adorable these two are. Here's a sample.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Gabe & Tricia's couple's shoot

What a sweet story these two share. With only a couple weeks to spend together while Gabe was on leave, he and Patricia were wed in a quiet ceremony. Patricia's mom wanted this newly wed couple to at least have some nice photos for themselves so she contacted us. We only had a very small window of time before Gabe left to squeeze in a quick couple's shoot, but thankfully the weather was more than cooperative. This time of year is always tricky because of the small time-frame of really nice lighting, but we got some really great shots! Here's a sample :)


Tara's Senior Photos

And here are Tara's photos from our joint Senior Photo Shoot a couple weeks ago. Enjoy!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Month of Love. . .

A couple's shoot is such a great way to kick off the Month of Love! More to come soon :)

Brittany's Sr Photos

Brittany and her friend Tara wanted to shoot their Senior photos this past month since the weather was absolutely beautiful. We met out in Olathe on a day that was pretty but really quite windy for January. We began the shoot with Brittany and traded off and on between the two girls, getting quite a few with them both. Here are Brittany's photos. The first one posted here we absolutely adore: it is of her and her niece. . . who happens to be the daughter of Danielle & Kevin!! That's right, Brittany is Danielle's sister and we had the great fortune of photographing Danielle and Kevin's wedding and their maternity shoot last December. What a great reunion!