Artistic Imagery Photography & Videography

Artistic Imagery Photography & Video

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Pam + Brock

What an incredibly beautiful experience it was to photograph these two and their wedding day. It's awesome to see a couple so wonderfully in love. . . even though the stress of their wedding production. Cari went with Barb to photograph and film this wonderful occasion and they were both blessed by the people involved. Such a charming and laid back couple this was! What a wonderfully blended Jewish/Christian ceremony. Congrats to Pam and Brock!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Alexa & Micah

Alexa and Micah are a sweet couple who were wed at the church where they met. It was another hot day in Kansas so Barb and Joanna were thankful to take a lot of photos inside. They did wander outside for a few minutes, armed with a smartphone to reenact the cover of Bridesmaids. . . once with the girls and also with the guys. Alexa had also done quite a bit of research on Pintrest (something we LOVE) and so they had some stellar ideas and some time after the ceremony for those images too. It's always wonderful to have a good chunk of time between the ceremony and reception to make some really beautiful and lasting images of the bride and groom and Alexa & Micah gave Barb and Joanna just that :)