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Artistic Imagery Photography & Video

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Java Jive shoot

This past weekend, we went to our old stomping grounds, Hannibal, MO. Barb worked at this funky coffee shop fo the 3 1/2 years we were there and what an experience! We made some great friendships and got to be in (what was for all purposes) the hub of Hannibal art society. Katy just bought the place from her parents. Katy's father makes all the pottery used in the coffee shop and her sisters do a lot of the art on the walls. What a brilliant family owned place!

Well, since moving back to KC, we've kept in touch with a lot of the workers and regulars down there. Java Jive just launched its own facebook page so we figured we'd help out Katy and take some cool photos for her. We already posted them to our face book page and created the link. For blog purposes, we thought to post some :)

Ahh, white chair. How we miss you and your comfiness. . .

Such a classic shot, but hard to miss. Uniform coffee urns. All in a row. Spilling their coffee sweetness. . .

Each mug so unique, so interesting. Perhaps the best part of this coffee house
If any of you ever make it to Hannibal, MO. Definitely look this place up. Tres chic!