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Artistic Imagery Photography & Video

Monday, August 10, 2009

Concert and Pancakes

Hey, Gang. Wow, it's been a while with no post. We here at AI have had a crazy past couple weeks. One fabulous op we had was to see a crazy cool performer by the name of Alisa Turner last Friday. She's been doing a "Concert and Pancakes" tour where she travels to host homes and cooks pancakes for her fans. Then she pulls out her electronic keyboard and puts on a fantastically amazing and genuine concert.
Alisa (pronounces Aleesa) was pretty real about why a lot of her songs are slow and sad and her upbeat songs remind us of Regina Spektor's flights of fancy. All in all, it was pretty low-key, definitely intimate and definitely worth driving around mid-town's crazy one-ways to find. Here's some quick shots we took while scarffing some choco-pancakes and enjoying some seriously cool and bluesy stuff.