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Artistic Imagery Photography & Video

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Geneva & Chad

We were hoping for a little sunshine not to mention an early spring flower or two. Instead, we got snow. Geneva & Chad were good sports about it and even went outside on the porch for a couple fridgid shots. I know we talk about how delightful our couples are to work with, but Geneva and Chad were without a doubt the most flexible bride and groom we've seen for a long time. Perhaps it came from enjoying a nice 60 degree day the day before their wedding and then waking up to snow. Lots and lots of snow. But the weather wouldn't damper their spirit. From their Gerber Daisy theme to their bright orange, yellow, and pink bridal party wear, they made sure Spring was here. . . whether Mother Nature cooperated or not.

And what a joy to have Kylie there to help with the shoot. Though the day was long, her energy seemed boundless at times and she always had a smile. She's moving away in two weeks, but we were glad to have her assistance and company!