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Artistic Imagery Photography & Video

Friday, July 8, 2011

Matt & Nicole's Downtown Wedding

Matt & Nicole were wed at the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception in down town KC (the beautiful gold-topped church!). Their reception was in the historic Muehlebach Tower in the Convention district just blocks away from their church. Let's begin by saying what a great day this was! It began bright and early at Beauty Brands on the Plaza and moved to the church from there. Between the ceremony & reception, we hit up the Plaza, The Granfalloon for a couple drinks, the rooftop of the Western Auto building & finally the Quaff back on Union Hill. Whew! From there, we hoped, skipped, and jumped over to the Marriott for the beautiful, antique reception hall. Nicole had the brightest smile all day-- even in the 100+ degree weather on the rooftop! It was a wonderful chance to have lots of fun with the group shots and also the inside of the Muehlebach lent itself to some fabulous black and white shots that we couldn't go without. Barb and Shannon loved every minute of this hot and fun filled Saturday in June.

We photographed some really fantastic moments of Matt & Nicole's parents. We absolutely adore capturing thse precious images of family members enjoying themselves-- especially the parents at their children't fairy-tale wedding.. .

Have we mentioned how much we adore capturing those fun and intimate candids at a couple's wedding?