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Artistic Imagery Photography & Video

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Candid Portraiture

We have a lot of requests for reception photography. It's a trend we've seen grow over the past couple years as couples have either gone out of the country for their wedding or they've opted for small or courthouse weddings and have had larger reception instead. So, we always ask the couples we meet with what they look for in a reception photographer? There aren't usually very many big, group photos, there really isn't much even in bridal portraits or couple shoots-- although we usually take some anyway before the reception :)

In fact, we had a reception we photographed just this past weekend (photos to come) and we had a consultation for reception photography just the other day.

So what do brides look for in reception photography? The overwhelming answer? It's a style that we like to call Candid Portraiture. "People having fun!" is what we hear a lot. "People don't stand in a straight line, we want real pictures, real people. . . "

Well, since that's what we do best, we thought to post a tribute to the Candid Portrait.

And you can't forget the party!