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Artistic Imagery Photography & Video

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Heather & Phil

We'd never even heard of A Frog Prince and GPS got us there in a VERY round-about way, but as we finally drove down the gravel driveway into the charming hideaway spot, we were awed by what we found. It was tranquil, rustic, eclectic. A great spot for a wedding, reception, getaway, you name it. Heather & Phil had their reception here after their ceremony was held at their place of worship. We here at Artistic Imagery are constantly working with some of the most wonderful couples. We always get asked "Do you deal with a lot of Bridezillas?" and maybe it's just pure luck or maybe we're just the type of people to attract great couples, but we rarely work with a couple we don't flat out enjoy. Heather & Phil were no exception. Although this was the first time we'd even met with them (everything having been set up through email and phone calls) it was a marvelous afternoon. They were genuine and fun-loving and we commented that we'd never seen such great dancing at a reception before (especially a dry one!). Everyone truely loved each other and Heather was nearly overwhelmed at the amount of people who attended the ceremony (more than what they'd been expecting). We could barely get through all the photographs on time because so many people stayed after the wedding to chat and congratulate the new bride and groom. What a great experience!