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Artistic Imagery Photography & Video

Monday, August 16, 2010

Todd & Holly

Todd & Holly were wed at a small Baptist chapel in Peculiar, MO. This marks our fourth wedding in a row down Hwy 71 and we are becoming quite familiar with the area. The wedding was mostly put together by family and friends from the Groom's stepmother baking the wedding cake to the Bride's homemade bouquet. The reception was held at the Lion's Club and the chocolate fountain was a hit with the kids! It was a hot day, that was for sure, but we found some nice, cool, shady places for some fabulous outdoor photos. The exterior of this church reminded us of something from the colonial south and we tried our best to utilize the brick and columns that graced the facad.

I love this next picture, taken from inside the church through the window in the door. Here's Holly, exhausted, plopped down in her dress and waiting for Todd to bring around the truck.

I think we should do an entire series one of these days on "groom's looks". There's so much love on a groom's face while he's gazing at his new bride. Here's a priceless one now:

And that's all for now!