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Artistic Imagery Photography & Video

Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Off Beat Bride

So after a fabulous consultation with a couple the other day, we checked out a website they gave us a heads-up on called The Off-Beat Bride. Pretty cool stuff, a little different than the traditional stuff we see a lot. It seems lots of couples in the past hand-full of years have switched to wanting less traditional weddings. In some aspects, we wish we would've had a less traditional wedding ourselves. Something about cool, artsy decorations and purple "wedding" dresses really sparks the artists in us (not that white dresses and flowers don't. . .). But either way, we got online and checked out some other photographer's websites from the West Coast (something we do fairly often) and saw some cool new ways of capturing weddings. We love getting inspired by seeing what other filmers and photographers around the country are doing. That way, our style is always changing, always adapting, always fresh. We never want to get stuck in a rut, covering every wedding the same way. Each couple is unique and we want to show their uniqueness in every detail of their wedding day.

So check out the website if you're looking for some different ways of planning your wedding day. That's all for now!