Artistic Imagery Photography & Videography

Artistic Imagery Photography & Video

Monday, May 2, 2011

Brittany + Cody = Rockin' Engagement Fun!

We met Brittany & Cody on a busy Saturday evening in Midtown for their Photo + Video Engagement Story session. Jered filmed the couple at Mud Pie & Barb took them out on the street for some urban shots. Aftwerwhich, we rendezvous-ed at Kauffman Gardens for some nice sunset shots. As an aside, Kauffman gardens in April on a Saturday is CRAZY! We thought there was a wedding going on there were so many people-- no. Prom. Lots and LOTS of pretty dresses & tuxes on their way to various dances. It was pretty sweet. And Brittany & Cody were such a great, relaxed couple, they had no problem just going with the flow of crazy traffic & boisterous teens!