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Artistic Imagery Photography & Video

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Here's the mark of dedication we have here at Artistic Imagery: we heard the tornado sirens sound off this morning but since Jered was in the middle of a picture-video slide-show and Barb was juuuust finishing up editing a wedding. . . we pointedly ignored the blaring sound. In fact, it was only later after an incredulous friend informed us over lunch that she & the entire staff of the Johnson County Central Library were shuttled off to a "safe place" during the storm that we realized we should've been more alarmed. Such is the consuming life of photo editing. Here Barb took a break this afternoon to check on our potted vegetable garden on our balcony. Thankfully, the plants survived the torrent of storms we've had as of late. Here's some photos!

Cucumber flowers!

Teeny tiny baby brocoli:

Mmmm. Basil.

Pretty pansies. Yes, edible. . . but we probably won't.

Cilantro (for homemade salsa!)