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Artistic Imagery Photography & Video

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Brook & Jeff's Highway Themed Wedding

Brook & Jeff are an amazing couple we had the opportunity to meet & photograph last year. They met us at a bridal show and they won our **Free Engagement session**. We met out at Mahaffee Farmstead and the party went from there. They are a fabulous couple who became engaged while driving down the highway.Therefore, their wedding colors were kelly green & white and they had homemade highway sign decorations throughout their reception. It was an amazing time at a beautiful cultural center followed by a party at Jeff's parent's place under a super sized tent! What an amazing couple & a unique wedding.

This next photo was so cute, I just couldn't help myself. Brook had ditched her shoes about half an hour prior to this photo & had been walking around barefoot. So adorable.

There is a story behind these next four photographs. They all begin with someone saying, "Hey, wouldn't it be totally cool if. . ." Let's just say the mark of a good photographer is being able to ask complete strangers the strangest things and also the mark of an amazing bridal party is that they're up for giving some kid $5 so we can borrow his bike for some photographs. . .

We mentioned that the reception was in a tent outside the groom's parent's house, yes? Did we mention it was a vary large, very cool tent?

 These invitations were made by Brook. The stamp on the inside of the road leading to a cottage was designed by Brook's grandmother who suddenly passed away just before the wedding. This was Brook's beautiful way of honoring her memory: